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This crisis will not define your organization – your response to it will.

In March, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rules of engagement for effective sales teams – almost overnight. To help you accelerate your sales and competitive advantage over competitors handcuffed by hesitation, MDM has expanded our 4th Annual Sales GPS conference to create the 2020 Sales Transformation Network, which you can join today as a charter member.

Register below for Sales GPS, and you’ll automatically become a member of the 2020 Sales Transformation Network, a monthly work group you and your team can leverage to help you reset, remodel and accelerate your sales process – today and in the crucial months ahead.

Your membership in the MDM 2020 Sales Transformation Network includes:

  • 2020 Sales GPS Conference registration (4th annual) – Sep. 1-2, virtual; Livestream plus On-Demand Access through the end of 2020
  • Monthly Sales Transformation Roundtable Calls – Latest updates on what’s working and how distribution leaders are pivoting to sell more effectively in 2020; Recorded and archived with resource materials
  • MDM Sales Transformation Guide – Your playbook to plan and execute effectively; distills information from roundtable calls, past articles and Sales GPS content 
  • Sales Transformation Network – The only B2B distribution community focused on the leading strategies, tactics and best practices for succesful sales transformation initiatives
  • STN Digital Media Library – exclusive access to 3+ years of curated sales transformation research
  • Discounted pricing as a Founding Member for 2021 Sales Transformation Network (starts October)

When you register for the Sales GPS conference, we will immediately activate your membership so you can start innovating with new selling methods now. Win share in these turbulent markets by building a plan to energize your sales team first at a time when you can define the new-normal rules for customer engagement and value.  


Find solutions to your company’s toughest sales challenges

Your STN Membership includes a conference pass to our 4th Annual Sales GPS Conference

Monday, August 31

Pre-conference Workshop

MDM Margin & Pricing Workshop

Best Practices to Increase Sales, Profit & Customer Retention
John Gunderson
1:30 – 5:30 PM
Separate registration required

Tuesday, September 1

8 AM- 7:30 PM

Sell Where Customers Want—The Digitally Enabled Sales Process


High Performance Distribution Sales Models–What’s New This Year

Mike Marks

Match Your Sales Process to the New Channel Dynamics

Mark Dancer

Culture Shift–The Empowered, Integrated Sales Team

Colleen Stanley

Sales Enablement–How to Build a System

Mike Kunkle 

Smarter Pipeline–Targeting High-Value Accounts

Henry Bruckstein

Sales Transformation Panel & Roundtable Discussions


Joe DeMarco, LINC Systems

Kirk Zehnder, Earnest Machine

Andrew Larson, Gustave A. Larson Company

Tom Gale, Moderator



Wednesday, September 2

8 AM – Noon

How to Innovate Your Sales Compensation Plan

Mike Marks

The Innovative Sales Comp Roadmap Mini-Workshop

Integrating digital into sales comp
Integrating ABC into sales comp
Management vs. self-driven comp programs

Mike Emerson

Sales Transformation Panel & Roundtable Discussions


Mike DeCata, Lawson Products

More panelists coming soon!

Tom Gale, Moderator



What you’ll learn:
How to best structure outside, inside and service rep roles to spur greater sales and customer satisfaction
How to motivate sales reps to support your online channel
How distributors can use new digital tools to smooth the customer’s purchase process
How to reorganize your sales function to increase efficiency, reduce friction and improve customer satisfaction
How your sales team can help differentiate and elevate your company’s value proposition—plus increase profit margins—through more responsive customer service
How distributors are using marketing automation to increase lead generation and sales revenue
How to engage more deeply with customers to achieve greater loyalty and lifetime value
Sales comp programs that retain the right talent and spur higher performance
How to create a more resilient company, better able to manage continued market turmoil
Fend off new digital/platform competitors with more competitive cost-to-serve models


Innovative leaders offer bold, practical solutions to today’s sales challenges

Who's Attending

Decision-makers from these companies attend MDM conferences

Join and learn from executives responsible for these wholesale distribution functions at Sales GPS 2020
VP Sales/Marketing
Marketing Manager
Operations Manager
Customer Service Manager


Start your Membership to the MDM 2020 Sales Transformation Network: Register now

Standard Pricing

Conference + Sales Transformation Network
$ 1,495
  • Pricing tactics to boost sales impact

Pre-Conference Workshop

MDM Margin & Pricing Workshop
$ 495

Event Sponsors

Sales Transformation Network: Connection & Community

Join these leading solution providers:

STN 2020 Creates Value Through Engagement

Sales pitches are dead. As a sponsor, you’ll gain a unique opportunity to engage with executives seeking meaningful conversations to help them evaluate and implement tools and solutions to transform their sales process. 

MDM’s Sales Transformation Network members are high-performing, senior-level decision makers actively seeking solutions to their toughest challenges.

A Quality Sales Opportunity Means High ROI
  • Top leadership (CEO, COO, CMO, VP Sales)
  • Contact information of all registrants
  • Cultivate relationships over several months with roundtable calls
  • Build brand awareness/co-brand as thought leaders

Exclusive Access to Industry Thought Leaders

For the past three years, Sales GPS has built a community of strategic thinkers and those seeking solutions on how to transform their successful business models with more effective sales process to meet the tough challenges across every distribution channel. 

MDM’s Sales Transformation Network gives you a rare opportunity to discover on an ongoing basis customer needs and offer solutions to prospects.

Sales GPS conference attendees taking notes in session
Distribution sales professionals networking at a conference event

Attendee Profiles for Sales GPS 2020 Attendees

How To Sponsor

Act now to become an exclusive sponsor for the MDM 2020 Sales Transformation Network

For more information on sponsoring, contact John Gunderson at (888) 742-5060 or email

Pre-Conference WORKSHOP

Special Half-Day Add-On

MDM Margin & Pricing Workshop
Best Practices to Increase Sales, Profit & Customer Retention
Sales GPS Speaker John Gunderson
John Gunderson, VP of Analytics & E-Business, MDM

Led by MDM’s John Gunderson, a 20-year distribution marketing veteran, this hands-on workshop gives you proven B2B distribution margin improvement programs that you can take back to launch with your sales and leadership teams.

Techniques and concepts you’ll learn to improve performance

Discover how small changes can lead to big results. This session is for sales leaders and those responsible for gross-margin protection to take back proven margin- and profit-improvement programs to train sales team associates. You’ll get a handbook and PowerPoint presentations to lead your team to get immediate improvement. 

Custom Associate Pricing Survey:  This 10-12 question internal survey will be conducted at the seminar, allowing you to survey your associates’ pricing perceptions. MDM will also give you general benchmarking scores on key survey questions so you can see how you compare to other B2B distributors.
MDM Profitability Training Playbook:  Includes PowerPoint Template and Content that you can use to launch your version of Fight the 5’s and the Power of 1% at your B2B Distributor.
MDM Financial Models:  You will receive excel spreadsheets that will allow you calculate the increase in commission rate and dollars for price increases for your sales teams. You will also receive MDM’s Exclusive Impact of Discounting spreadsheet.
MDM’s Power of 1% Training Program:  This comprehensive program will give you all the tools you need to train your associates on the impact of small price increases. The huge impact on your overall profitability that small price increases make is presented in a simple way for associates to grasp and help move your business forward.
MDM’s Fight the Five’s Training Program:  This comprehensive program will give you all the tools you need to train your associates on their manual pricing habits. The majority of distribution associates have go-to pricing habits for items they use when they override the system or recommended prices. This program provides you a tracking system to put in place for your business with marketing materials to help your associates break the habit and improve profitability.
MDM Post Workshop Review & Support:  Our team of experienced B2B Distribution Pricing and Profit leaders will be available for follow–up calls to help you get an outside perspective on your surveys and program progress.
More details on what we’ll cover:

Fight the Fives

Too many associates take the natural and easy way to price on the “5s” – 15%, 20%, 25%… – and give away too much margin.  Learn how to check this corrosive manual behavior and help your team get immediate results with small, incremental improvements.

Power of 1%

A one-percent improvement to a six-percent EBITDA business has a 15-percent impact!  Common sense, but too often it’s easy for associates to slot into behavior that adds up to a big impact.  This session gives you the tools and content to get your team fighting for every bit of the bottom line.
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